Tony Vachirakorntong or Tony V. as we call him, was born in Thailand as the youngest of seven. His parents moved the whole family to the United States in 1977. Watching both parents work two jobs instilled a strong work ethic in Tony as well as a drive to become an American citizen and fulfill the dream that they had set in motion. In 1991 on one of his proudest days, Tony officially became a US citizen.

Tony attended Cal State Fullerton earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During high school and college he worked for Disneyland. Starting as a sweeper he became a training manager before moving to Custodial Manager of Special Events. Just in case you ever wondered he literally wrote the book on how Disney cleaned up after its parades.

After 12 years at Disneyland Tony moved on to work for Windor, a vinyl window replacement company. He first was an Installation Manager before becoming a Sales Consultant. Tony achieved the top manager’s choice award, as well top five in referrals and margins. He also opened two new showroom locations.

Describing his life before real estate, Tony will tell you that working at Disneyland taught him how to serve customers, but his experience with Windor taught him how to listen to them. After Windor, Tony moved into business-to-business sales working in the aerospace industry. He was there for seven years but found that he missed helping individuals and families. Now with real estate, he has found his niche.

Focusing primarily on residential real estate, Tony’s goal is to bring his clients an exceptional level of customer service to their home buying experience, because according to Tony, Where we choose to live often defines how we live our lives. Neighbors become friends, neighborhoods become a community and I want to help people find their place, their home.

Tony likes spending time with his family and has a passion for photography, taking pictures for friends and family but his favorite subjects are his three children and their dog Lucy. In his spare time you can find him training to get his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and volunteering at his church Northside Baptist.

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